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These tasks deal with local search.

Use Local Search to Increase Visitors to LDS Chapels

I believe that a part of LDS online missionary work can be to teach google that they should send seekers of Christian Churches to the Mormon Church. Google and other search engines have power in our lives. The really are engines that direct us on the path we take. If we make Google’s search engine our investigator, he will give us plenty of future referrals.

The question how most people have with this is how do I teach Google to send those seeking for a new church to our church. That is what I attempt to teach in the video below. It really isn’t that difficult to do, it just takes a bit of time.

The video asks you to use to determine what citations are missing for you ward building and to correct them.

Review Meetinghouse

Find your local meetinghouse on Google (search something like “lds church madison wisconsin”).  Click on “Place page”.  Then click on “Rate and Review”  Use keywords such as “church”, “Cristian church”, “Sunday School”, “Bible study”, and others you think might be searched by someone who might be interested in visiting our church.

Watch the youtube tutorial for more information.

After you submit a review, please add a comment to this post and include the URL of the Google Maps page where you did the review.